Directions to the Farm

212 - 280th Street, Osceola, WI 54020
Phone: 715-294-2831

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Directions from Minneapolis/St. Paul:

  1. Take either 35E or 35W north as if you were headed to Duluth.
  2. Take exit 129, which is MN Hwy 97.
  3. Go east on Hwy 97 past Scandia to MN Hwy 95.
  4. Turn north, left, on Hwy 95 and go to Osceola Rd which is MN Hwy 243.
  5. Turn right on Hwy 243 and cross the river at Osceola.
  6. At the stop sign in Osceola, turn right, south, on to WI Hwy 35.
  7. Go approximately 4 miles on Hwy 35 to East Farmington.
  8. In East Farmington, turn right on to 30th Ave, which is between 2 businesses and sometimes hard to see.  The businesses are Sue’s Place and Ken’s Keyboard.  Watch for them.
  9. Stay on 30th Ave. until it comes to a T with 280th.
  10. Turn left, south, on 280th.
  11. Common Harvest is on the left about 3 / 4 mile down 280th.  The big red barn will be your signal to stop and park!

Alternatively, you can do what Google suggests and drive to Stillwater, take the bridge across to Wisconsin and take WI Hwy 64 E and Hwy 35 N to East Farmington.