Our CSA Philosophy

When our farm began in 1989, little was known about the emerging Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) movement.  What we did know, was that an increasing number of people were feeling disenfranchised from their food and how it was grown.  Despite attempts by proponents of the industrialized food system to reassure people that all was well, more and more people were searching for deeper connections to what they were eating.

A new movement was taking root in this country.  People wanted to know how their food was grown and how far it traveled to reach their tables.  As farms became bigger and food became more processed, these people started to see that sustainability was in question. They were concerned about the use of chemicals and pesticides and began to believe that an alternative was possible.

And so a new kind of farming began that, at the heart, was about eating well and being connected to the land.  People saw the need to share in the risks of the farm, to form a relationship that in return would enable them to share in the bounty and sustainability of the farm.

It was in this context that Common Harvest Farm was created.  Over 20 years later,  relationships are still at the heart of what we do.  As a farm community we are supported in using sustainable and organic growing practices.  Our members are supporting land stewardship and local food production.  And because our members share the risk of farming by purchasing a membership before the season begins, they provide economic stability for our farm community.

We are honored by the trust that our members have in us.  This investment in relationship is at the heart of Common Harvest Farm.

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