What does a farm share cost?

Regular Season Share 2022 price: $630.00

Our regular season share is delivered in a ¾ bushel box which is typically enough to feed a household of four to five people.  Our delivery season begins in early to mid-June and averages 16 weeks ending in the middle of October.  Variety is the hallmark of a balanced CSA box.  We harvest between 10 and 12 different items for each box.  See the accompanying chart  for a more complete listing of what to expect throughout the season.  In addition to the regular share, members also have an opportunity to purchase a fruit share and extended season share. Download and printout a contract form.

Half share option - 2022 price: $340

We offer a limited number of stand alone half shares.  These are packed in our regular ¾ bushel box and delivered every other week. Download and printout a contract form.

Fruit Share 2022 price: $220.00

The upper Midwest in not known for a wide offering of fruit.  As a result, we work with friend and former CSA farmer, Everett Meyer through www.Fruitshare.com.  Everett has an eye for quality and he has assembled a network of small, organic fruit growers from around the country who pick and pack the highest quality fruit.  Our fruit share consists of four deliveries: 12 pints of Blueberries in late June, 6-8 lbs. of Cherries in July, 9 lbs. of Peaches in late August and a Pears/Apple mix in late September.Download and printout a contract form.

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